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Resident DJ's & Lighting Techs.  Left (Paul Osborn) Right (Tom Spencer)
Brenda MC. Our Booking Agent and Event Consultant Professional
                                       Our Company Team
Resident DJ's & Lighting Techs.  Left (Paul Osborn) Right (Tom Spencer)
        Far Right (Brenda MC. our Booking Agent and Event Consultant.
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                                                                     Frequently Asked Questions

What makes you different from other Disc Jockeys?  Why Should I Hire You?

We are a Professional Independent DJ Service with built in back up systems.  Our resident DJ, Tom Spencer is a seasoned  professional and has been in the mobile DJ industry for most of his career, having played hundreds of events he has worked over the years as an independent contract DJ for larger DJ company's in the area such as Davis Deejays and Washington Talent Angency.  Brenda McClintock our Booking Agent and Event Consultant has been in public relations for many years and has a BS, MS and PHD in Business Administration.  Our backup DJ Paul Osborn has been trained by Tom in the art of mixing music and MC duties.  He is also a professional electrician, sound system setup specialist as well as a lighting technician.  Because we are an independent DJ Service we only entertain at 4 to 8 bookings a month.  We never book more than one event per day.  We work as a team in every aspect of the word in the months leading up to and the day of your event. 

While Tom Spencer will be contracted to you to be the only DJ that will play your event.  All DJ Companies must have back-up no matter how small or large.  We take back-up very seriously.  To this day Tom has never missed an event. Our backup DJ Paul is always with us at every event.  He is a reliable professional individual and an asset to our company.  He can take over for Tom at anytime he is needed.  Paul follows us in a separate vehicle on event days to assure we have transportation backup in the event of a breakdown or unforeseen accident.  Our vehicles are less than 3 years old  and maintained  on a regular basis.  Brenda is with us at every event and is our day of event activity coordinator as well as our booking agent and office manager.  Over the years she has become a talented MC in her own right having worked with Tom many times.  Together our company team is always professional, reliable and on time.

“Music For All Of You” Mobile DJ Service guarantees to help you plan your wedding reception entertainment or private event, including all the activities that will occur.  This can take from as little as a couple of hours to 15-20 hours of preparation time spent on your wedding reception or private event, depending on the complexity of your event. We also provide you with UNLIMITED meetings in person, via the telephone, or email, to ensure we get every detail correct. There is NEVER a consultation fee. When you choose “Music For All Of You” Mobile DJ Service, you are not just paying for a performance during your event, you're getting a 15-25 hour package.

In this industry one must not only keep up with current music and the latest equipment, we must also continue to educate ourselves since our industry changes often with new trends and opportunities.  We attend as many workshops and DJ Expo events as our busy lifestyles will allow us to each year.  We never stop learning.  That is our commitment to you.

How many functions do you play a year?

We entertain at 40 to 80 events a year.  Our services have become very popular and in demand, so it is important to book us quickly if you like us and if we have your date open. 
We do not hold dates with out a signed contract and deposit.

Are we able to meet and consult with you before booking?

Yes, We prefer to meet all of our clients in person before we book.  We feel the best way to hire a DJ is to meet them in person.  We offer all of our clients a private consultation at our home studio in Temple Hills, Md before they book with us.  We prefer this method of doing business. It adds a personal touch and assures our clients they are dealing with a reliable & professional business.  It also assures that the Client and DJ are on the same page with no unexpected personality clashes at the last minute.  Our clients consult with Tom and Brenda in person as much as they want or need once they have booked with us.  We understand not all clients will want to come to our studio.  We are willing to meet for consultation in any manner a client sees fit. 

Will You work and coordinate with our Photographer, Videographer, Event Coordinator, Venue Coordinator or Catering Management?

Absolutely, the synergy between Our Company and Your Photographer, Videographer, Event Coordinator, Venue Coordinator and Catering Management is what keeps your function running smoothly.  Our Companys talents and professionalism must reach far beyond just motivating the crowd or making the announcements at the right time.  We must have our finger on the pulse of your event and know everything that is going on every minute.

Can you describe Your DJ Style?

Low Key, Moderate, Fun Loving, Respectful, Informative, Lively, Energetic. I can adhere to whatever our clients request.

What standard attire will the DJ wear? May I request that the DJ wear a tuxedo?

We always wear a Tuxedo for Wedding Receptions and Private Parties, unless otherwise specified.

If you do not have a particular song we pre-requested, do you require that we provide it?

No we never expect a client to provide what they are paying for. With over 400,000 thousand songs in our library and over 100,000 songs we carry at every event, we are sure to have most requests. If not we will get it in advance.

What Type of Equipment do you use? What special equipment (lighting, etc) can you provide?

We guarantee to arrive at your event with professional grade commercial equipment.

The page shows only the sound equipment we use. This will be the same equipment you will see and hear at your event.

We carry back up components at every event we play, should a piece of equipment fail during a performance.
These components are: Mackie Thump Th 15A & Mackie Thump Th 18s all in one Speaker and Amplifier System, VocoPro Wireless Microphone System, Dell Laptop Computer with Western Digital 2TB External Music Hard Drive. Extra sets of equipment connection cords, plugs and male/female connectors.  The backup system is setup at your event with the main DJ controller in the event of a computer crash or power failure.  This allows  us to switch systems seamlessly in most cases without anyone knowing there has been a problem.  We are professional sound engineers and have never had a system crash or equipment breakdown to date.

For an additional fee we can provide intelligent lighting systems such as American DJ, Chavet and others. As well as classic light shows like Bird Of Preys, Mushrooms, Moonlights, FX Laser Systems, Wedding Gobos, Non LED Search Gobos, Mirror Balls, Black Lighting, Fog Machines and more..

How early do you arrive for an event? How much time do you need for your setup?
Typically we arrive two to four hours before your guest arrive depending on when we are allowed to access the venue and the sound system package size. Although we prefer 2 hours, if we are not allowed a lot of setup time, we can set up in as little as 1 hour, if we're only setting up a sound system/small lighing system and time to change into proper attire.  We prefer 3 to 4 hours for 2 sound systems with a large lighting package and dress time.  We require a standard six foot banquet table to set up on but can provide tables if one is not available.  Keep in mind if we have to carry equipment up stairs or long distances it will take longer to setup no matter what size the Equipment Package.

What is your minimum amount of time you will DJ for?

2 Hours is our minimum.

Will you "dump me" for a higher paying event?

Once your event is booked and your deposit is paid, we will not accept any other event or consultation for your booked date, no matter what price is offered. That is one of our guarantees written into our contracts.  When a client calls or emails us asking if we are available on a certain date, we tell them yes or no. If we are booked, we do our best to help them find another DJ Service that can help them.

What happens prior to our event? When do you need our song request list?

After meeting with us, you decide if you want to contract with Music For All Of You.  If you decide to contract us immediately, then we'll write, review and sign your contract with you that day.  No matter how far in advance your event is booked, it will be the only event we play on your booked date.  We provide online custom designed questionaires for our clients use.  We are always here for you and are happy to help you plan and coordinate in advance over the months leading up to your event as well as direct your entertainment and timeline the day of your event.  We always script, timeline and rehearse every event we entertain well in advance of your event.  We will be involved in your event entertainment as much as we can or as much as you want us to be.

Before signing your contract, we'll require a $200.00 Dollar Deposit. This non-refundable deposit holds your booked date. You must pay the rest of your contract fee two weeks prior to your event. This allows us time to rebook your date in the event you cancel, and may save us from lost business due to cancellation. 

Since you can make all the request you like, we prefer to have your song request list at least a month in advance or sooner depending on the complexity of your request list.  All final changes to your event itinerary should be finalized with us two weeks before your event. We are very flexible. If you want to call with changes to your song list a couple days ahead of your event that is no problem for us. We are happy to do our best to accommodate you.

If there are changes in your Wedding Party announcement list at the very last minute that is never a problem, even on the day of your event, Bear in mind Brenda will be with us the day of your event to help make sure everything runs on time.  She will even gather the bridal party at the venue entrance and lineup everyone in the order they are to be announced. She will make sure all names are correct on our announcement list, even at the last minute.  You will love her personality and attention to every detail.

Do we need to provide a meal for the DJ during the event?

Although we appreciate the gesture, we would not want to be an added expense to your reception budget.
Our business requires a lot of energy.  We always try to eat before we arrive for setup.   If we need something to eat during your event we can discreetly do so.  We do carry food and beverages with us since we can spend at least 10 to 12 hours and longer working the day of an event .  These hours include traveling to your venue, setup, entertaining, tear down and travel home.  

Can guests make song requests? How many (and what types) of CDs will the DJ bring to the event?

We love it when we are allowed to let guest make request.  Even though we are very good at reading a crowd, request can really add to any event.  As we previously stated, We carry over 100,000 songs with us at every event.  We play in Mp3 format using 2TB external hard drives.  You simply could not carry that many CD's to any event.  OK, you could but you better bring a truck load!  We add new songs weekly as music charts change so we always have the lasted songs in all types and styles of music. Our oldies libraries are second to none. It would be rare for us not to have a request that is made. .

Tom began converting to Digital Mp3 in 1998.  Long before most Disc Jockey Services and before todays modern DJ/MP3 controllers were in operation.  Thanks to storage space at our studio we have still have our vinyl record and CD libraries that Tom has been collecting over the last 40 years. All of our vinyl records are in top to mint condition.  Tom still collects  vintage vinyl records and we still purchase and stock vinyl records in the form of 12inch club music, dating from 1970's - 2011.  Since we also own our own Digital MP3 recording studio, much of owr CD and Vinyl libraries have been converted to MP3 with Creative Soundblaster X-fi 3D Sound Technology.  The result being extreme clean sound and incredible quality in MP3 sound reproduction.  Cd's are recorded in 128 kbps and just don't match the same sound quality.  Our Mp3's are digitally reproduced and enhanced in 256 to 320 kbps depending on the track.  That is 2 to 3 times better quality than a standard CD

How many functions do you play a year?

We entertain at 40 to 80 events a year.  Our services have become very popular and in demand, so it is important to book us if you like us. 
We do not hold dates with out a signed contract and deposit.

Do you take any breaks? Will you arrange for recorded music to play during your breaks?

NO! except restroom :) Our music never stops unless you request it for announcements etc. Since we play in Mp3 format and can setup multiple songs to mix automatically there is never a risk of the music stopping even if we need a restroom break. We never leave our sound system unattended.

Please take the time to go over our website for further information on our company and our services.  We design, maintain and operate our own webiste.  All content is written by us.  All Photos throughout this site  are our actual event photos and are not stock photos from the web.  If you’re interested in our DJ service, we would love to meet with you at our studio or a location of your choice.
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